What items do you need to take on your boating holiday?

It is always useful to purchase a map (we recommend a Nicholsons Guide) before you depart on your boating holiday so that you can work out where the locks are and areas of interest to visit.

Don't forget your food & drink essentials on the 'Bullrush' at Linslade
Your food & drink essentials shown on the ‘Bullrush’ cruising from the marina at Linslade

In terms of items, here are a few items we might suggest:

  • Sensible, non-slip shoes
  • Torches for walking along the tow path in the dark
  • Soft bags instead of suitcases- easier to store
  • Gloves for working the locks
  • Towels (depending on the boat)
  • Hand cream and mosquito repellent

The sun’s rays are much more powerful when you are on the water, so sunglasses, protective cream and a sun hat are recommended.

All your cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery will be supplied onboard, sometimes the yard will also supply some waterproofs for the helmsman. Although we always hope you won’t have to use them!

If you haven’t been on a boating holiday before and would like a list of suggestions for things that may be useful on the boat, we can supply a list on your confirmation e-mail.