Do you have to pay for mooring?

Most of mooring along the canals are free. Occasionally leading up to and in city centres you may be charged for overnight mooring. In Bristol dock there is an overnight fee of £35 every 24 hours for example, and areas of the River Thames may also charge to moor up.

On the Norfolk Broads, you have a choice of free 24 hour overnight moorings along the river bank or within many of the holiday hire boatyards or you can choose to moor on one of the many moorings operated by private Trusts where you will pay an overnight charge or around £10 per night (in cash).”

You can only moor up when it’s not private mooring spaces allocated for people who own boats. You are not able to moor up anywhere were you are obstructing a lock or bridge. There are often mooring posts or rings along allocated areas where you can tie the rope around, or you can use the pins provided on-board. Full tuition will be supplied on arrival.