What is the difference between 12 volts and 240 volts power supply on the boats?

240V plug socket on-board a Narrowboat

240V plug socket on-board a Narrowboat

All of the boats have 12V power unless otherwise stated. The 12V boats however, can power already built in appliances like colour TV’s, DVD players, CD players & radios, fridges and lighting, most of which is supplied on the boats as standard. 12V boats have a cigar lighter socket on board which means that all you are able to charge is your mobile phone in the same way as you would in a car.

Some boats have a 240V power supply however.  This means that they may have 3 pin sockets on board. Please note that there is always a wattage restriction on the 240V boats, the restriction is dependent on the boat itself and means that you may not be able to use appliances that you can normally use at home. Please do check when booking if you would like to take any electrical items on board that may need to be plugged in.


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