Reuniting on the Llangollen Canal

Every year, my three friends from university and I have a reunion in the summer to catch up. We
rotate who decides what we do for the reunion and this year it was my turn to decide. After the year
that we’ve had being locked down, I wanted us to do something that was particularly social, active
and allowed us to get out and explore what we have been missing. From some general researching, I
decided that we were going to go narrowboating! None of us have ever been narrowboating before,
but if its as simple as it was booking it; I am sure we will be just fine!

Waterways Holidays website

I didn’t really know where to start in order to book a boating holiday, so I just searched into google
‘booking a boating holiday’ and found Waterways Holidays website. I then used the search engine on
the website to try and find some boats that suited us, but as I had no previous boating experience, I
didn’t actually know what did and did not suit us. From here, I decided that I would just ring the
number on the website as I wanted to get some more information about what boat we should go
for. This then put me through to Trudi, she explained she is an experienced boater herself and
would be more than happy to help me.

I explained to Trudi what my situation was and told her that we were all novice boaters. She then
asked me a few questions and found a couple boat options for us on some different canal routes. My
thinking was that as we are all novices and want to socialise with each other, a relaxing route with a
few places to visit and see for a weekend would be something that would work for us. She then
recommended the Llangollen Canal to us, and found the ‘Duchess 4110’ and proceeded to explain
everything we needed to know about it; from outlining facilities inside the boat to arrival and drop
off times. Moreover, she even clarified why this boat would suit us, picking this canal as it doesn’t
have too many locks, a couple of tunnels and it has one of the ‘7 wonders of the waterways’ – The
Pontcysyllte Aqueduct!

Duchess class canal boat

I decided that this was the boat and canal that I wanted us to do and went ahead and paid the
deposit over the phone and could pay the rest of balance later on. I had a final question of things we
could do and places we could visit, and Trudi emailed me a brilliant website which showed all the
pubs along the Llangollen Canal, brilliant for ex-university students who forgot to learn how to cook!
She wished me a brilliant holiday and sent me a confirmation email shortly after our phone call.
I decided that I would then check out other little bits and bobs to do on our holiday and I cannot
wait for our reunion!

To find out more about booking a boating holiday with Waterways Holidays, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly booking team on 01252 796400. You can also check live availability and prices on our website: