A weekend break on the River Wey

The River Wey is one of Surrey’s best kept secrets. Today the 20 mile navigable stretch of the river and its 16 locks, are owned and maintained by The National Trust.

The River Wey holds both surprises and untold stories round every bend, it offers people the chance to experience and see the lovely countryside of Surrey from a completely different direction. A narrow boat holiday provides holiday makers of all ages and with any level of experience to relax and unwind from everyday life. When will you make your own mark on the River Wey?

Holidays on the River Wey run from March until October. In the book: ‘The Wind In The Willows,’ it was said “there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

A boat going for a short break
A boat going for a short break


Day 1 – Friday: In a short break you will find yourself cruising the length of the River Wey passing through quiet river side villages and main towns, such as Send, Pyrford, Godalming and Guildford and Weybridge, with their shops, cinemas and resturants attracting many.

2pm: Arriving at Farncombe you will be greeted by the very friendly and easy to talk to staff and receive the directions to your boat so that you can load your belongings on to the boat to start your weekend.

Tuition: The tuition that you receive will include being shown the inside of the boat and how everything on the boat works. Then you will be taken by the expert demonstrators up through Catteshall Lock and up towards Godalming Town Bridge, where you will be shown how to turn the boat around and do the return journey back down through the lock. At this point you will be able to drive the boat away and enjoy your holiday.

First Night: The first night on the River you would expect to get down through Unstead Lock and St Catherines Lock, the place that I would recommend that you stop would be on the Meadow at Guildford, because then you are not completely in the town but close enough to walk in. The Restaurant that I would recommend would be The Ye Olde Ship Inn, which if you go across the bridge by St Catherine’s Sands. Then walk along the towpath back towards the town, then coming up on the left is a turning called Ferry Lane you will need to walk up the steps all the way the top on that road, when it meets the main road you will need to turn right a the Pub will be right in front of you.

Day 2 – Saturday: After your first night in a narrowboat you will be up and ready to start another day cruising on the beautiful River Wey. The things that you would expect to see along the way a wide variety of birds, dragonflies, maybe a kingfisher and maybe, just maybe you could be lucky enough to see a roe deer or a mink because on a narrowboat you have all the time in the world to enjoy the exceptional picturesque landscape and the beauties of nature. The wide range of plants and flowers that you will see along the river will leave you stunned. Today you will find yourself going down through a number of locks. But please do remember, however much cruising you do you will need to do the same amount to get back to Farncombe for Monday at 9am. 

Second Night: The second night you would probably find yourself at The Anchor at Pyrford, but if you wanted to go further you can. The main things that you will see are other boats, animals and plants. You will continue going through lock as you go down the river. As you go along the river there are nice places to stop and walk, eat and go in to towns and villages. You will find yourself completely at one with your surroundings and peace and tranquillity will shine through.

Day 3 Sunday: Today you will aim to get back past Guildford so that you are ready to come back in to the boat house and 9am tomorrow.

This is The River Wey

Third Night: For the third night expect to find yourself round by the Manor pub that has a riverside garden or alternatively, you could up through Catteshall Lock up towards Godalming and turn around, so that you are ready to come back in with the boat in the morning. Being moored up there it is quiet and you are within walking distance along the towpath from the town, where there are shops that sell food, takeaway restaurants and eat-in restaurants that are all very nice.

Day 4 – 9am Monday: It’s now time to return the boat to the marina, the time for the sad goodbyes has arrived, time to unload the boats and depart. When you find a holiday that you enjoy you will keep coming back for more.   You never know, you may want to go for longer next time!

Morring along the towpath
Mooring along the towpath

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